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Kugelhähne und Multikupplungsysteme Pister

Special types

Fire extinguishing ball valves

Fire extinguishing ball valve
Question about this product? Type: 2-Way ball valves


steel, stainless steel


The company Pister Kugelhähne develops and produces ball valves with actuators for high-pressure gas extinguishing systems.

Used medias are:

e.g. CO2, argon, Inergen, nitrogen, Argonite, FM200, Novec 1230.

The ball valves are available for pressure ratings:

PN40, PN160, PN250 and PN360 with different connections.

Our customers are well known manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems and conduct type approvals at the VdS in Cologne (acc. VdS CEA 4009 and DIN EN 12094).

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Fire extinguishing ball valve
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