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Complicated environmental conditions

Ball valves for the oil- and gasindustry, in this case ball valves for oil production have to sustain complicated environmental conditions. Depending on the application the ball valves have to measure up up to spezial specifications. Most of these ball valves need to be made of robust materials often also in stainless steel and with special connectors.


Ball valves for the oilindustry and ball valves for the gasindustry are therefore in nearly every case ordered with material and pressure testing certificates, because they are special and safety armatures.


A list of all possible certificates is available in our category Quality.  

We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the appropriate product.

Examples of our ball valves for the oilindustry
FCKH DIN ball valve for oilproduction
FKH ball valve for oilindustry
Offshore ball valve

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